Wheelchair Interface System

The Seating Interface has been designed to provide a simple quick and secure method of attaching a special seating system or moulded seat insert to a wheelchair. This unique design offers a system that is easily adjustable for length and width making it suitable for use with a wide range of seating systems and wheelchairs. An integral footrest location point is included as standard. The interface is supplied with hooks for fitting the interface to the wheelchair.

Two types of hook are available: Flat Hooks - these keep the interface at the same level as the wheelchair seat rails. Lower Hooks - these allow the interface to drop 26mm below the height of the wheelchair seat rail. Note: Both types of hook can be used with all types of seating system so giving maximum flexibility.

The interface is designed to be used easily and safely for loads up to 100kg but should you have any doubt about using the interface, please contact your Wheelchair Service or Tendercare Ltd The adjustable seating interface is manufactured from Chrome plated steel, giving a robust long lasting construction, whilst enhancing the appearance of the wheelchair/special seat assembly and minimising maintenance requirements other than to clean when necessary. The Seating Interface has been successfully impact tested to IS07176/19 when used in conjunction with the Tendercare Tilt & Fold Gas Strut wheelbase.

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