Recaro Sport Reha
Please note this product has now been superseded by the Recaro Sport HERO Reha which can be viewed by clicking here

The Recaro Sport Reha Special Needs Car Seat is designed to provide postural support for children with special seating needs, whilst maintaining the high safety standards of standard car seats. It is designed to cover the full age spectrum of children from 9 months to twelve years (9-36kg). The seat comes as standard with removable lateral trunk supports, side supports and head supports, to enable adaptation of the seat to suit the needs of the individual child. The optional ISOFIX turn table allows for effortless entrance and exit to vehicles. Please note the ISOFIX points on Nissan cars manufactured prior to 2013 may be unsuitable.

The back of the seat is fitted with an integrated threefold height-adjustable back/headrest, allowing the seat to cater to the growing child’s dimensions.

The seat can also be easily tilted into a rest position to provide increased comfort to the child whilst maintaining a high level of safety. Should your child need to be sat at an angle, a seat wedge is available, which can be placed underneath the seat to change the angle of the complete car seat.

The child is securely strapped into the seat with a fully adjustable 5-point harness. A tummy pad is provided to enhance the comfort of the child.

This special needs car seat can be fitted in either the front or rear passenger seats using the standard 3-point seatbelt. Patented belt tensioner clips on either side of the seat prevent your child from being able to take the seatbelt over their head. When securing your special needs car seat into your vehicle it is most important that you familiarise yourself with the correct fixing instructions, appropriate to your vehicle, before use. It is recommended that the instructions for use be kept with the seat to ensure that the correct fitting procedure is adhered to at all times.

An ISOFIX turn table is now available to help with getting your child in and out of the car. It allows the car seat to be turned to face the door so that you can lift your child straight into the seat and then swivel to face the front. It can be set up to turn either way so the car seat can still be used on both sides of the car. Please note the ISOFIX points on Nissan cars manufactured prior to 2013 may be unsuitable.

Weighing approximately 8kg the seat is easy to carry using the specially designed handle at the top of the seat.

The car seat comprises a mixture of materials, including polystyrene, polyurethane, and polypropylene. This makes it sturdy and durable as well as providing extra shock absorption in case of impact. Fixed side wings help provide impact protection to the hips.

The seat cover is made of a tough but soft suede feel material, which is fire retardant according to British standards. The seat cover is removable and machine washable.

The special needs car seat has been successfully tested according to ECE 44/04, Approval No. 04301220.

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