Swirl® Features

Basic Model (i.e. just the features of the chassis, for information about the features of the seat, please see Snappi, Snugseat or Modular pages)

  • Rotating chassis which allows the buggy to rotate to either a forward (world-facing) or rearward (parent-facing) position so if, for example, you need to see your child for safety reasons but also need to transport them in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, its innovative swivel design allows the seat to be rotated forward with your child still in their buggy.
  • High level of seat tilt between 0 and 40 degrees. There are no fixed positions; rather, the occupant can be positioned at any angle within this 41 degrees range.
  • Swivelling and front locking castors. This means that if you decide to venture onto irregular surfaces, you simply activate the locking mechanism which will help prevent the wheels from spinning on these uneven surfaces. When done, simply deactivate to reengage the swivel thus returning to effortless, everyday manoeuvrability.
  • Compact and easy to fold, the Swirl is the perfect travel companion for all of life's little adventures.
  • Easy to operate, soft-touch pin lock brake.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of seating systems including Tendercare's own Snappi, Modular and Snugseat Snappi seats.
  • Crash tested (forward facing position only), according to ISO7176/19, ensuring safe transportation of the occupant in specially-adapted vehicles.
  • Front and rear transit brackets.
  • Height and angle adjustable push handles.
  • Back recline without fixed positions, if fitted with a Snappi seating system, of 90 – 140 degrees.
  • Frame protecter down the sides of the push handle which has been specifically designed to both provide protection from bumping the occupant's arms and to regulate the temperature of the sides from being too hot or too cold.
  • Woven fabric shopping basket (when purhcased with a seat).
forward and rearward pushchair
back recline & tilt in space buggy

Optional Accessories (with product codes for Swirl Chassis only, seat accessories are also available)

  • Shopping Basket (SW7330).
  • Frame Padding (SW6817).
  • Equipment Carring Tray (SW7306)
  • Equipment Carring Tray - with o2 cut out (SW7307).
  • Sun Canopy - umbrella style, black (SN6334).
  • For Snappi seat accessories, please click here.
  • For Modular seat accessories, please click here.
  • For Snugseat accessories, please click here.