Snappi® Swirl® Pushchair Materials

The Swirl Pushchair (comprising of a Swirl chassis and a Snappi seat) is presently available in seven different options, as shown below. Due to continual development fabric colours and materials may alter without prior notification. We therefore recommend that you check fabric availability at the time of order.

Colour Choices: black fabric with either two tone lime/black, blue/black, magenta/black, grey/black or red/black side wings and hip guides or black fabric with red or pink piping

green snappi
blue snappi
magenta snappi
grey snappi
red snappi
black snappi with red piping
black snappi with pink piping

Material Information and Washing Instructions

Please be aware that the materials may become bleached as a result of long term and intensive sunlight, or due to frequent washing.

We recommend that the cover only be washed on a 30º Synthetic wash cycle. We do not recommend that this product be dry cleaned or tumble dried. Do not use bleach to clean this fabric,and do not iron.

The material used is warranted by our suppliers as passing the appropriate tests as stipulated by these regulations. It has been flame tested and conforms to British standards.