Order Form and VAT Exemption Form

If you wish to make a private purchase, to order you can either print off the order form and VAT exemption form from our website, fill both of these in and send directly to us. Or the form can be filled in online. If you have any problems filling the form in, please do contact us and we can email you a Microsoft Word version.

Instructions For Filling The Form In Online.

  • If you are using a mobile device (i.e. phone/tablet), you may need to download a free “Adobe Reader” app either off Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store. You will then need to open the form in Adobe Reader when prompted, and then complete. Once completed, click the blue 'Click to Send to Tendercare' Button at the bottom of the order form and your order will come up as an email attachment, with our email address, ready to send to us. If you are using an Apple device, please click the 'Share Flattened Copy' as opposed to the 'Share Original Document' as sending the original document will send the form through blank to us. Please note, if using an iphone or ipad, some people have encountered issues when attempting to download a form from an alternate web browser as opposed to Safari. However, this can be resolved simply by opening Tendercare's website in Safari when using Apple products.
  • If you are using a computer or laptop, you will need to download and save the form before you fill it in. Once you have done this, simply fill in the form, save again over your previously saved blank copy and click the blue 'Click to Send to Tendercare' Button at the bottom of the form. This will then open your email, with your completed form as an attachment and our email address in the recipient box, which you can then email directly to us. If the 'Click to Send to Tendercare' Button does not work, please kindly email your form (following the same steps as before) but instead of pressing the button to send the form to us, send your form as an email attachment to sales@tendercareltd.com

Important Information. Please note, if you are a private purchaser, in order to be VAT exempt, the payment must be made from a private bank account. If a payment is received from a business account (not including charity accounts), VAT will become payable.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting us.

PDF Order Form and VAT Exemption Form*

*If you have any problems downloading the form, just let us know and we can email you a Microsoft Word version. Alternatively, you can print out both forms and post to us.

How To Pay

Regarding payment, you can do an online bank transfer, send a cheque, alternatively you can pay by card over the phone; however, for either car seat or buggy orders, we are unable to accept card payment over the phone.. If you could kindly let us know which option is best for you, we can further advise.

Returns and Refunds

You can view our returns and refunds policy by clicking here. Should you have any queries, please don't hesitate to ask.

VAT Exemption Regulations

According to Chapter 23 of the Value Added Tax Act 1994, the following is exempt from Value Added Tax.

'The supply to a handicapped person for domestic or his personal use, or to a charity for making available to handicapped persons by sale or otherwise, for domestic or their personal use, of...equipment and appliances designed solely for use by a handicapped person; parts and accessories designed solely for use in or with goods described above.'

A handicapped person is described as 'chronically sick or disabled'.

For more information, please click here.